Monitoring clusters and Grids since the year 2000

Monitoring Core v2.1.2 Released!

  • Added a new CLUSTER element to the XML with two attributes: NAME and LOCALTIME. Necessary for monitoring clusters in many different timezones.
  • Fixed the getopt_long() call in gmond.c thanks to feedback from Meik Hellmund. The getopt_long() parameters didn’t match the switch() statement breaking the “trusted_host” option.
  • Fixed a bug in gmond where connections from untrusted hosts caused segfaults. Error caused by passing datum_free() a NULL pointer in server_thread() of ./gmond/server.c.
  • Changed the way transient nameservice errors are handled by pre_process_node() in ./gmond/listen.c. Previously, transient errors were retried but now they are treated as errors (although gmond will continue trying to resolve the host when it gets a new multicast packet from it)
  • Updated the ganglia.spec file to merge gmond and gmetric into a single RPM, fixed some small bugs, and updated the RPM information.
  • Preston Smith updated the FreeBSD monitoring code to include all metrics which are monitored under Linux except number of running processes, absolute cpu idle time, and shared memory. SMP users may find that freebsd’s cp_time sysctls is not completely accurate under FreeBSD stable meaning CPU%s might be inaccurate. However, it works under FreeBSD-CURRENT.
  • Changed the gmetric options to also support long options and updated the help output (from -h, –help) to be much more descriptive