Monitoring clusters and Grids since the year 2000

Monitoring Core v2.2.2 Released!

2002-04-04 Dave Wallace
  • Fixed a bug in gmond which caused big-endian architectures to incorrectly store multicast data and therefore misreport on the XML port. Solaris and Alpha/Linux users should be happy to here that news!
  • Added a key value check of the XDR multicast data in ./gmond/listen.c

2002-04-04 Matt Massie
  • Updated ./lib/gexec_func.c gexec_cluster() function to handle hosts with no domainname correctly as pointed out by David Wallace
  • Updated the program commandline options to obey the GNU Coding Standard
  • Added a –debug_level parameter to gmond to allow debugging the daemon without recompiling the daemon
  • Updated the –trusted_host option to allow multiple instances of the option
  • Added a –mcast_ttl gmond option to allow you to modify the Time-To-Live (TTL) of the outgoing multicast messages

2002-04-02 Neil Spring
  • Updated the gmond Makefile to cleanup the machine.c link on “make clean”

2002-04-02 Doc Schneider
  • Update the way the number of CPUs are collected in order to workaround a bug on AMD-based systems.

2002-03-26 Matt Massie
  • Removed the use of streams (via fdopen) on the XML socket and replaced it with write()s on the socket descriptor to work around Linux bug under high-stress conditions

2002-03-25 Matt Massie
  • Added thread barriers to gmond initialization to ensure listening threads exist before the threads which multicast are created

2002-03-24 Matt Massie
  • Use XML_ParseBuffer() in gexec_cluster() in order to avoid double copying of buffers (XML input from gmond). Faster.

2002-03-22 Matt Massie
  • Updated gexec_cluster_free() to ensure no memory leaks even when cluster.num_nodes and cluster.num_dead_nodes equals zero
  • Used setvbuf to ensure the gmond and libganglia are using line buffering