Monitoring clusters and Grids since the year 2000

Version 2.4.0 of the Monitoring Core Is Released!

2002-05-13 Matt Massie · Changed pre_process_node() gethostbyaddr() error reporting to be more sane for environments with nameservice problems · Updated listen.c to prevent out-of-range multicasted key values from crashing gmond in debug mode 2002-05-06 Matt Massie · Added an explicit heartbeat metric to gmond along with a GMOND_STARTED HOST attribute which removes the need for a 90 second delay in gmond restarts · Updated linux.c to correctly support the ia64 architecture 2002-05-01 Matt Massie · Gmond now has a configuration file for its configuration instead of passing commandline arguments 2002-04-26 Asaph Zemach · Completely rewrote ./gmond/machines/linux.c to be much more efficient by removing the need for 2 threads and pthread mutexes. 2002-04-26 Matt Massie · Modified net.c setsockopt() functions to be more portable