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Ganglia 2.5.1 Released!

The Ganglia Development Team is pleased to announce the release of Ganglia 2.5.1! To download this release now, tune your web browser to Ganglia has added HPUX and MacOS X to the family of operating systems that ganglia supports. HPUX support has been brought to you through the efforts of Martin Knoblauch. MacOS X users have Preston Smith to thank for the MacOS X port. Ganglia now runs on Linux (i386, ia64, sparc, alpha, powerpc, m68k, mips, arm, hppa, s390), Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX, IRIX, Tru64, HPUX, MacOS X and Windows (cygwin beta). A great new feature added by Federico Sacerdoti in 2.5.1 is the ability to set the useful life of metrics with gmetric. A cleanup thread in gmond now periodically deletes expired metrics. This is very helpful for metrics which have a fixed lifetime such as processes and batch queue data. For example, running… gmetric –name=foo –value=2 –type=int32 –dmax=60 would sent the metric “foo” to all gmond on the multicast channel and mark the metric for deletion in 60 seconds (however resending the metric during this 60 second interval will reset the counter). Leif Nixon also fixed a bug which caused gmond to crash occasionally when remote client prematurely closed connection. We hope you enjoy Ganglia 2.5.1 and encourage feedback, patch and bug reports.