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Ganglia 3.0.1 Released

The Ganglia Development Team is pleased to announce the release of Ganglia 3.0.1 (Wright) which is available for immediate download from and features…

gmond Unicast Communication Bug Fixed
This serious bug caused unicast-only gmond to completely stop sending metric updates after network failures.

gmond.conf Conversion Bug Fixed
If you converted your old 2.5.x configuration files to 3.0.0 using the gmond conversion feature. e.g.
  % gmond --convert my_old_gmond.conf > my_new_gmond.conf

then you will want to change the host mask from 24 to 32 for all you trusted hosts. e.g.

  tcp_accept_channel {
    port = 8649
    /* your trusted_hosts assuming ipv4 mask*/
    acl { 
       default = deny
       access {
        ip = <trusted_host_ip>
        mask = 24 /* <========== BUG! */

The conversion code in 3.0.1 correctly sets the host mask to 32.

gmond.conf now processes include() statements
This simple feature provides more flexibility in configuring gmond. e.g.
  globals {

Network Metrics Bug Fixed for Linux 2.6.x Kernels
A bug in the pkts_in/out and bytes_in/out collection code cause Linux 2.6.x system to report bogus network metrics.

Cleaned up bug in RPM for package upgrades
When upgrading a previously installed ganglia package, the error in the spec file will result in a file named “1” written into the / directory.

FreeBSD Metric Collection Enhanced
There have been a number of bug fixed and cleanups of the metric collection code for FreeBSD thanks to the work of Brooks Davis.

Host view update
The host view web pages now express the time when gmond was started on the host thanks to the work of Jason A. Smith.

We have deployed a new bugzilla service at This site was created for you to submit bug reports, feature requests and upload patches for ganglia.

If you have found ganglia to be useful in your organization, please consider making a donation to the project at

Thanks for using Ganglia!

The Ganglia Development Team