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Ganglia 3.0.3 Released

The Ganglia Development Team is pleased to announce the release of Ganglia 3.0.3 (Orwille) which is available for immediate download from This release fixes a bug that caused XML port output to be truncated, fixes FreeBSD compilation errors, makes gmetad more resilient to round-robin database problems, makes “gmond -t” output more complete, updates the underlying Apache runtime library, expands the maximum size of gmetric messages, provides various minor PHP bugfixes in the Web frontend, and adds 3D pie graph effects. This release has been tested on the following platforms:
* Fedora FC4 / ia32 * Solaris 8 / UltraSparc 64-Bit / gcc 3.3.1 –> “CC = gcc -m64 ./configure” * MacOS X * AIX-5.3 / PPC64 / XLC –> See separate post on this topic
The development of Ganglia 3.0.4 is now open. Enjoy. The Ganglia team