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Ganglia 3.0.4 Released

The Ganglia Development Team is pleased to announce the release of Ganglia 3.0.4 (Otto) which is available for immediate download from This release is based on SVN revision 695 and is mainly a bug fix release. Please see the ChangeLog in the Tarball for the complete list of fixes. There are a few new features that should be noted: * On Linux only filesystem mounted RW are counted in the disk statistics * Disk Statistics for Solaris * Added “host spoofing” capabilities to gmetrics/gmond This release has been tested on the following platforms: * Fedora FC4 / ia32 * Fedora Core 6 (i386) * Gentoo Linux 2006.1 (amd64) * Solaris 9 (sparc) * Solaris 10 (i386, amd64 and sparc) * NetBSD 2.0.2 (i386) * NetBSD 3.0 (i386) * NetBSD 3.1 (i386, amd64) * FreeBSD 6.1 (amd64) The development of Ganglia 3.0.5 is now open. Enjoy. The Ganglia team