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Ganglia 3.0.5 (Louis) Released

The Ganglia development team is proud to release version 3.0.5 (Louis) of the popular Ganglia monitoring software. Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids.

The latest release is available for immediate download from:

This release has a few feature/portability enhancements as well as the usual array of bugfixes.

Work is underway for the next (3.1.0) release of Ganglia which will allow metrics to be dynamically loaded via DSO. These metrics can be written either in C or Python making it extremely easy to create plugins for monitoring metrics not already present by default. Apr, expat and libconfuse will be built dynamically in the new release which will make packaging for distributions easier.

Changes: The following is a summary of changes in this release. For detailed changelog please refer to the ChangeLog file in the release distribution tarball:

  • [gmetad] Fixed a bug where messages are being discarded in MacOSX and thus causing data from clients not being consistently and accurately saved to the rrd files (Mike Walker)
  • [win32] Include documentation (README.WIN) for building under Windows
  • [webfrontend] Enlarge graphs by clicking on them (Ulf)
  • [webfrontend] Include RRDTool version in frontend footer (Matthew Chambers)
  • [webfrontend] Only set the grid stack cookie if it hasn’t been set before (Matt Ryan)
  • [webfrontend] New feature to allow sorting by hosts up and hosts down in meta context (Bernard Li, Eli Stair, Timothy D Witham)
  • [gstat] New option “-n” to show numeric addresses instead of hostname (Bernard Li)
  • Builds under Yellow Dog Linux on Sony PlayStation 3 ppc64 (Bernard Li)
  • Do not automatically start services (gmond, gmetad) after RPM installation (Bernard Li)
  • Add y-labels for some metrics. Needed to fix width of RRD images. (Martin Knoblauch)
  • Build system (Autotools) enhancements (Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon)
  • Misc bug fixes