Monitoring clusters and Grids since the year 2000

Ganglia Code Swarm

When I updated the look of the ganglia website, I couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic looking through the old posts and pages. I joined the UC, Berkeley CS Dept. back in 1999 and, after couple of internal prototypes, released ganglia on SourceForge in 2000. Since its release, we built quite a team around ganglia and I’m proud of our accomplishments. We’ve created software that people have relied on to monitor their infrastructure for nine years running. Even though ganglia is a bit of a niche product targeting clusters and Grids, it’s still been downloaded over a million times. For fun, I decided to visualize the history of ganglia using a code_swarm from June 19th, 2002 to present (btw, June 19th was the day we moved from cvs to subversion). Please keep in mind that this video only highlights the activity of ganglia committers but we’ve had so much help along the way. Many times, committers are checking in patches submitted by one of the scores of volunteers that have enriched our software over the years. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks! May there be many more sparks to come.