Monitoring clusters and Grids since the year 2000

Career Opportunities at Cloudera

For people who may not know me, I’m the person who wrote ganglia in 1999, open-sourced it the following year and then worked to create a strong, sustainable community around the software. Take a quick peak at the ganglia web site and you see just how pervasively ganglia is deployed around the world, on dozens of platforms, at scales that would crush other monitoring systems. I never imagined, when I started work on ganglia, that it would still be going strong ten years later. The credit for the success of ganglia goes to the volunteers, hackers and operators who have written responses to support requests, submitted code patches and provided detailed bug reports. While I played a leadership role in the first five years of the project, my role in the project the last five years has been minimal as I focused my efforts on developing new technologies at startups in Silicon Valley. Luckily, the ganglia community has had no shortage of leaders like Bernard Li and Brad Nicholes who have stepped up to keep us moving forward. In Jan 2009, I joined a startup called Cloudera. In a nutshell, we enable our customers to build clusters that are capable of storing and processing multiple petabytes of structured and unstructured complex data. Cloudera is a great fit for me personally because I’m an open-source advocate who loves to work on distributed software that runs at scale. The platform that Cloudera provides for distributed data analysis is free, Apache-licensed and open-source and has proven to help extract value from data on clusters with 32 nodes or 2000. We also have a suite of Enterprise software that complements our platform and provides a desktop environment inside your web browser for managing your cluster and data. While the overall economy is slowly moving toward recovery, the growth at Cloudera over the last two years has been astonishing and I’d love nothing more than to work side-by-side with you at Cloudera. As a member of the ganglia community, you understand the unique challenges of deploying, configuring and monitoring clusters at scale. You can see the list of available positions on our Careers web page. By the way, we’re not just looking for talented cluster admins but also general IT gurus to help us manage our infrastructure as our company expands. If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to email me at <matt at cloudera dot com>. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. To ten more years.