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Easy Graph Aggregation

We have just introduced an experimental new feature to our GWeb 2.0 UI that we are very excited about. Feature is called easy graph aggregation as it allows you to graph the same metric across a number of hosts. This is often useful when you are proactively looking for problems within your infrastructure. We have made the feature even more powerful by allowing you to specify a regular expression that matches multiple hosts so if all your database servers are named db-something you can simply say db as your regular expression or db-0[1-5]. This feature is experimental so if you match too many hosts you may end up with a broken image however we have decided to put it out as a preview where we are going. Obligatory screenshots Line graph Easy Graph Aggregation Line graph Stacked graph Easy Aggregate Stack Graph Next steps We need to add more error checking and bug fixes. Better composer UI and ability to add aggregate graphs to views. Stay tuned. If you’d like to play with you can try it on our demo server. You can also read more about GWeb 2.0 and how to download it here.