Monitoring clusters and Grids since the year 2000

Overlaying Event Timeline

In our ”introducing overlay events” we added ability to specify events that are overlaid on top of graphs. Thanks to the work of Jesse Becker we now also support overlaying event time line. To best illustrate this is how overlaying event time line looks like Events time line 1 This provides you with immediate context and allows you to better correlate metrics. It may also provide you with additional insight. Let’s say you saw something like this Events time line 2 It may not be DB backup that is causing the load and you may want to investigate. To use event time line all you need to do is supply both start and end time of the event e.g.
wget -O /dev/null -q " DB Backup&host_regex=db02"
We are working on a generic wrapper to run with any command that will populate the events API. Stay tuned. To download please visit